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Privacy Policy  Privacy Policy

This statement outlines the commitment of to the privacy and security of personal information collected during the course of business in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government privacy legislation, requirements and recommendations.  is committed to complying with the government privacy principles as they provide some of the most stringent provisions for the protection of your privacy anywhere in the world, and because  at all times remains committed to the very best user experience and environment for the privacy, safety and security of  users.

To ensure compliance,  as a business, including all employees, agents, contractors and other adhere to strict privacy guidelines, which have been incorporated into the  management, administrative and operational policies and procedures, ensuring that best practice privacy principles practices are adhered to in the course of all  activities.

Collection of Information

In the normal course of day-to-day business  collects information about individual users of the  platform. Only information which is required to carry on  business is collected.

When collecting personal information of users,  does so in full compliance with requirements of law, and then only by fair, reasonable and transparent means.

Furthermore,  takes all reasonable steps to ensure that any person who the information collected relates to is made aware of the information collected by , and the purpose for which the information will be stored and used.  does not collect or store sensitive information for any reasons other than in connection with the business of , and otherwise only as required by various regulatory bodies and licensing authorities.

Disclosure and use of information  understands the importance of ensuring that personal information remains secure and is not disclosed to anyone for any reasons other than for the stated purposes for which it was collected by .

Any personal or other information collected will be used only for the stated business purposes and will not be disclosed to any third party except where required by law or regulatory authority.

Data quality of information collected  ensures that best efforts are applied at all times to ensure that user information data that is collected by , is accurate, complete, and up to date.

Data storage and security  data storage security remains a key priority at all times.  maintains all personal information collected will be only be stored in a secure and monitored environment and will be up to date and accurate to the best continuing efforts of  systems and procedures. Personal information will only be maintained for the period of time for which it is required, after which it will be securely deleted. Personal information is only collected and stored onto secured and managed networks, and additional security is provided as a result of  internal systems, policies and procedures.

Transparency  will at all times ensure that the  privacy policy is made available to any person who requires it. The  privacy policy is readily available on this  website and may periodically be published in various on and offline forums or publications.

Access and correction of data  provides access to any personal information which it holds on an individual where required by legislation. If a person believes that any personal information that  has collected, or stores is not complete or may be inaccurate then  will make best efforts to update and correct the information accordingly upon being notified of any apparent inconsistencies.

Data flow  does not unnecessarily transfer or store personal information to other countries for purposes outside of internal secured  networks, other than to comply with licensing, due diligence or compliance requirements or as otherwise required by law or regulatory authority.

More Information

For further information on privacy principles, you are encouraged to visit the US government's privacy website at


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